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I never in my life thought that I would miss those dreaded springs and "foot work" on the reformer, but I do. You always knew what my body needed and worked me out accordingly. Having MS is a challenge in itself, but you managed to keep me strong, stretched and balanced. Now that I am in NY, I practice all the personal exercises you gave me. They are what got me from CA to NY by car with two dogs and no PAIN. How do I say thank you? But thank you. Your extensive knowledge of body mechanics is greatly appreciated and greatly missed"




"What a difference an hour can make!
After one hour of Pilates workout with Ilka Oliveira, I knew that I found the right exercise for me. I saw immediate improvement: I felt better, my back was straighter and in less pain. After three weeks, I completely stopped using pain killers. My upper-back arthritis pain was gone and my lower back felt stronger. Six months later, I have hard times remembering how my body used to look. After years of physical therapy, this is the only method that has yielded lasting results. I have achieved all that working out with Ilka with just one hour per week, and some minor follow-up exercises at home. Ilka is extremely careful in her supervision of me, inventive and knowledgeable when choosing the right exercises, and is super fun to be around. Her positive energy transfers into those who work out with her!"


"I have been doing Pilates since the late 1990s and have found Ilka to be among the best of the best Pilates instructors. It may not seem like a big deal, but I wanted someone classically trained and it DOES make a big difference. I was worried I might never do Pilates again after I had spinal fusion surgery in 2008. My back now has 4 screws and is compromised in a way that I thought would inhibit my Pilates workout. Working with Ilka is anything but limited. I have greater flexibility, increased strength and I know that my back has healed much faster than expected. My orthopedic surgeon told me to forget about traditional physical therapy and just keep working with Ilka. He was so impressed with my ability to move, bend over and my overall strength that he took pictures during our 1 year follow up. Pilates IS for everyone, and Ilka has a special gift that enables you to realize your full potential. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody- able bodied, injured, or recovering… she’ll change your body and your life."


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